JDI acknowledged for their sponsorship

Hosted on Waterford Green in Miramichi, Assembly of First Nations Regional Chief Roger Augustine brought together First Nations and non-First Nations fishermen in a spirit of peace and friendship. This year marked the 6th annual Pow wow. J.D. Irving, Limited was proud to be a sponsor.


This year First Nations people invited other cultures to honor the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization over the Canada 150 long weekend. NB Power, the Red Cross and J.D. Irving, Limited were also recognized for their contributions to assisting people in need following a natural disaster.

“In a conversation with my mother, the subject came up as to who she counts on, calls, and rely on. She said ‘you know Rog, I want you to know and remember this… the people that I call whenever I need help… is J.D. Irving. They come to the rescue. Whenever we need something, one phone call and they show up with a dozen generators and lumber, etc.’ there are people out there that are quiet in the way they do things. They don’t want to be in the media all the time. Tonight I am taking time to honor J.D. Irving, Limited,” said Regional Chief Roger Augustine, Host, 6th Annual Fishermen Pow wow.

“The organizers of the Pow wow and Chief Augustine stressed the importance those organizations that work hard to provide support in times of need. It meant a lot to the JDI team that we were recognized for donating generators, fuel, lumber, financial support  READ MORE…

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